Green Policy

Over the past 10 years, many people have become more concerned about the issue of the environment. As the severity of the matter has become more pronounced and better known and understood, so many companies and organisations have started to contribute towards maintaining a sustainable environment.

Those who contribute to the smooth and efficient running of Dolphin Hotel feel that being environmentally friendly and conscious of the world around us is more important than ever. We feel very passionately about this matter and have therefore implemented a range of practices and procedures that help us work towards protecting the world we live in.

We believe we are one of the few cheap hotels in London that has such an approach. Furthermore we continually review our eco-friendly approach to ensure we really are doing everything we can to help the environment rather than harm it.

We recycle a wide range of materials including plastic, aluminium and paper. Batteries, glass, cartridges and oils are also recycled. Dolphin Hotel is one of the very few businesses in the City of Westminster who do so.

Water and electricity consumption
We have taken extensive measures to reduce water consumption throughout our buildings. We are confident this will generate encouraging results over time. We also encourage all our staff and guests to ensure all electrical devices and lights are turned off when not in use. We would like to thank all our guests in advance for their support in this.

We use environmentally friendly materials wherever we can, including energy saving light bulbs and natural chemicals. Furthermore we always measure the quantity of materials necessary to minimise waste.

Battery disposal
Dolphin Hotel provides a safe battery disposal box for the use of all our guests and visitors.

Dolphin Hotel is very proud to say we do our ‘bit’ for the environment. We hope that other companies will see how important it is to take care of the world we live in, so we can all attempt to work together towards a safer, brighter future.